Home is Where the Truth Is:

Why You Can and Should Homeschool Your Child

Did you know that eating meals with your family around the table leads to less chance that you’ll raise drug addicts or violent, depressed teens with eating disorders. Add to that a side of better vocabulary and more self-esteem, “Sure I’ll have another helpin’, please.” It turns out, there’s a lot you can do from home to not only raise good citizens but also raise people who have strong faith, less teenage sex, and drink less alcohol. It’s called homeschooling. Now, I know that is a scary word fraught with inaccurate social stigmas and some parents’ worst nightmares—like being home with their kids all day, every day, and being responsible for their education, but this book was written to dispel those myths.

Lots of parents don’t realize there is a war waging right now, and our children are the main target. They’re being groomed with gender ideology without parental knowledge or approval. They’re being indoctrinated with so much misinformation that it’s no wonder our youth are confused about who they are, that 57% of teens seek out porn monthly, and half of them admit to being addicted to their mobile device.

Just look at what they’re up against as they trudge onto their school campuses. Sitting in cold, hard desks, they’re force-fed facts that quickly zap the joy of discovery right out of them. Next, they’re indoctrinated with progressive ideologies meant to sexualize them and incite hatred for America. The fear of a gunman kicking in their classroom door constantly looms in the back of their mind. This is the loneliest, most anxious, and depressed young generation our world has possibly ever seen. Oh, and on top of all that…they might not really be a boy or a girl.

You can keep subjecting your kids to the poison, or you can bring them home to flourish. Whether you’re trying to decide if you want to homeschool or if you’ve been doing it for years, this book gives you the pro tips and encouragement to experience what millions of other parents already have: the best thing for their families is to take back control of their lives and their children’s education. 

So what’s stopping you?

• You fear that your children won’t be adequately socialized

• You don’t have the patience, organizational skills, or time?

• Homeschoolers are just weird!

This book dispels those lies and fifteen others that society erroneously believes. Packed with research, expert knowledge, and homeschooling best practices, consider this the handbook to get you started on an amazing adventure. Ahead of you awaits a family bond you never imagined possible and the role of primary guide for your child down the path God created them for. Even though it starts in your living room, this mission will be far-reaching. At the very least, your impact will be felt down to your grandchildren’s generation. At most, to all of eternity. 


TRUTH… Your pages are smothered with TRUTH. Homeschooling is perpetual even when your kids are adults you are still their teacher but of different subjects…LIFE. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, practices and TRUTH! I’ve been telling others about your book knowing their kids will benefit from enlightened parents.

-Lliki M.