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Providing facts and encouragement for parents to take control of their child’s education and faith formation.

You’re fed up with sending your child to school to receive the slow-dripping poison that is a divisive, Godless, woke agenda. Although they’re being indoctrinated, they are far from being educated. Sadly, only 37% of American high school graduates are proficient in reading and a dismal 24% show math proficiency, shuffling American kids low on the global list.

You’re ready to make a change, but don’t think homeschooling is for you. Aren’t those kids unsocialized, weird, and unable to make it in college or the real world? And aren’t I too busy, too impatient, and too unexperienced to teach my own kids?

No! Don’t believe the lies and misconceptions about homeschooling that are rampant in our culture! Instead read the truth
about what it takes to homeschool.

Spoiler alert: You’ve got it! (If this impatient, ADD, mysophoniac can do it, then you can too.)

Meet Maeve

Living for the Lord is an exciting adventure! Even more so when you let him guide your children’s education using you as their number one influencer. Being a government school graduate, I never imagined the family bond that’s possible when everyone in the household is educated under one roof and one set of beliefs. I’m talking about #squadgoals ten thousand!

With 20 years of teaching experience (15 of those homeschooling), and years of begging the Lord for wisdom to raise my children in his Truth, I’m here to share with parents homeschooling tips and wisdom for imbuing the Lord’s love and Word into their life.

I pray that the Lord uses me to encourage families to teach His Truths to their children. I pray that thousands more parents will arise to the important life-calling of homeschooling to protect their child’s heart and soul from a culture that is bent on dumbing them down, sexualizing them and making them hate our great country.


Packed with research, expert knowledge, and homeschooling best practices, consider this the handbook to get you started on an amazing adventure.


Home is Where the Truth is Podcast: We want to open parents’ eyes to see that when they are their kids’ leading influencers, they can teach them that there is absolute truth and how to defend it.